Senin, 21 Desember 2015

Readers Choice: YOU help choose the redo!

The other day I picked up this dresser.

It's solid oak and has some great, sleek modern lines...and French Provincial-ish hardware?

Anyway, I know I want to do and modern/lacquered look with it...but I want YOUR help choosing the color and hardware!

Below are 5 options that I've put together. 

Let me know which one YOU like and the option that gets the most votes will be used on the final product.

So here are the options!

Option 1

 Caribe by Behr

with this hardware

Option 2

  Opulent by Behr 

with this hardware

Option 3

 Tate Olive by Behr

 with this hardware

Option 4

Velvet Evening by Behr 

with this hardware 

or lastly 

Option 5

Vintage Linen by Behr 

with this hardware

So what do you think?

Which one....

Remember the final product is going to be lacquered, smooth and impossible not to want to touch. :)

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