Senin, 02 November 2015

Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays- Jersey Shore House!!!

Well!! Everyone there’s a snitch on the Shore- (Jersey Shore) the real estate snitch is all over it!!!

Got a birthday, gala or a celebration coming up? Well one of the homes from a very popular show is up for rent!! Here are the details….. so  the house from the popular show is up for grabs it’s not for sale but its available for a mere $2,500 per night. According to the realtor the prices goes up for the holidays to about $6,500 a night even up to $15,000 a night for the 4th of July weekend. Now The 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom house has a fabulous deck -- and includes access to catering, a DJ, the "Smush Room" ... and even the duck phone.

Now my question to you “would you consider renting the place for a party?” I’ve even heard that the realtor is advertising that for a limited time you can get married in the shore house, hmmm I don’t know about that but check out where you can stay if you had $2,500 a night. 

Jersey Shore Exterior front of the house
Living Room
Living room

Jersey Shore Living room

Jersey Shore Lounge area
Jersey Shore Dinning room with a square table

Dinning room
Kitchen and dining room


Jersey Shore Kitchen

One of the six Jersey Shores bedrooms

Two of the six Jersey Shores bedrooms!!! I know I've been crushing on the color blue lately but this isn't what I'm talking about!!! But the seaside heights ocean mural is kinda cool.

Three of the six Jersey Shores bedrooms
Four of the six Jersey Shore bedrooms
Five of the six Jersey Shores bedrooms
Six of the six Jersey Shores bedrooms

Jersey Shore Bathroom, Hey if I rented this place for a day this is probably where I will spend most of my time because in my opinion besides the rooftop terrace this is probably the best part of the house!!! I'm just sayin!!
Jersey Shore Rooftop Terrace
Rooftop Terrace
Jersey Shore Cast

well after viewing the pic's of the rental, are you convinced of renting this place for $2500 a night? Here' s the situation the Real Estate Snitch personally wouldn't but that's just me!! but I wouldn't mind hanging out on the terrace for a while!! 

Let me know what you think, leave me a comment on your thoughts.


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