Rabu, 18 November 2015

Friday's Runway Decorate Week 4

This Friday’s Runway Decorate is a little different!! Different how you may ask!!! well I can't quite tell you what the interior designers were thinking when they designed these lovely rooms because none of them were modeled by the runway models but I can tell you what I was thinking when I matched the model to the rooms. So all I can say is that I hope I've done you proud- See how Key Interiors by Shinay matches the rooms up to the runway models….

This runway model is beautiful and elegant but yet you can see the wild side in her. Just look at her hair its wild but yet fitting and beautiful with the dress oh and the belt is bringing it home. I matched this room up to this model well because quite frankly I think they’re a good match. The room has such elegance to it but at the same time the wild side shines through. I don't know what the Interior designer of this room was thinking when he or she designed it but I feel if the designer saw this modeland was modeling their room to this modelthe room will look the all same. Interior designed room by Mary mcdonald

 Now!! This runway model was my favorite because finding this room match was almost impossible I had to look hard to find this match but as soon as I've seen this runway model I knew I wanted to find her matching room and I almost was going to be the interior designerwho matched it because I just couldn’t find a edgy sharp and coolinterior that matched this runway modelbut as you can see I found the match. This room is edgy, cool and wild just like the runway model but yet the sweetness is shining through.  When I saw this room I said!!! “I had a match” Because the colors are spot on but more then that the sharp edges in the mirror that matches the jacket and the animal print rug shows off the wild side of the model. As you can see I love this Friday’srunway decorate match.
 I love, love, love this runway interior design match check out that beautiful skirt that the runway model is wearing!!! I think her skirt mimics the curtains to a tee from the material of the skirt and the material of the window coverings, by golly I think we have a match... Look at the cream color chandelier matches the cream jacket with the peachy orange belt this Runway Decorate is spot on. 

So Runway Decorate week 4 was fun!!! What do you think!!! Did I matched the rooms up to the runway models spot-on or am I barking down the wrong tree?

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Mary Mcdonald, Key Interiors by Shinay,unknown sources

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