Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015

Color Crush Dark Blue or Navy 1

Well I thought I will talk about the color I'm crushing on at the moment. Right now I am extremely into the color royal or dark blue. I don't know how it happened but I came across some rooms that were done in that color that caught my attention.  Check out my current color crush.

 I love all the different patterns of blue in this room where the designer is using the blue as the pop of contrasting color. Here the blue is a great contrast.

OK!! When I first saw this room the sofa blue me away and I mean blue literally. The designer chose to go with all white walls with pops of molding and let the blue sofa do most of the talking. I'm really crushing on this room.

Well I guess I'm crushing on blue everywhere. this room lacks lots of blue but that's OK the small pops of it is just right this is when a designer knows how far to go with a good thing. Wait I have to comment on the car!! Now you know I'm crushing on that. But I'm filling a bit blue because I cant have it.

This boys room is to die for. I cant say enough about it, Its not boring its really hitting home and most of all it's a room that don't have to change for a long while. I know when you say blue you think boys room but this isn't just any boys room this room is "Crushin it"

What a room, I love the blue wallpaper!! Again just the right amount of blue. In this room the wallpaper is the backdrop for the beautiful red sofas and zebra accent. But the blue is still relevant to the beauty of this room

How would you like to walk through this hallway? The stripes of blue and white guides you from one room to the next. What a crush!!!

The white walls isn't boring at all because with the white sofa's and the blue and white stripe rug is all the color you need.

This room has just a touch of the blue but yet it stands out,is it just me that blue and white stripes are popular?

What's not to like in this room  with the beautiful bench-seat with the blue cushion it sits nicely up against the light blue walls and the color blue books as part of the accessories how can you go wrong? 

Now I don't know about you but I will love to sit out on the docks under that blue umbrella with the hint of blue in the plant vase surrounded by all that red. I'm crushin it!!!

Should I say that the blue stripes are crushing it? "Well whatever!! I love it” This room is fantastic I love the blue bedding and the stripes. I know I'm crushing on blue but I think I'm cheating a little bit with the orange because I can’t help it. I absolutely love it!!!!

OK!! If this doesn't give you a crush on this amazing color I don't know what will!! " I love,love,love this room" I don't think I'm crushing anymore I think I'm in love.

This office is amazing!! The navy walls with the white cabinets and the beautiful blue and white rug OOH I'm crushing SO HARD all over this office. I want it!! I must use this color in one of my upcoming projects!!! Anyone needs a room redo? :)

What do you think about my color crush of the moment can you crush the Dark, Navy orRoyal blue with me?  I would love to hear your feedback. I am very open and would appreciate, any and all feedback.

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